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D-20 Solvent Degreaser


Anti-Corrosion Formula


About D-20


If you cant walk in to your workshop after degreasing because of the fumes then you should switch to D-20.

If you are looking for a safer degreasing alternative that is Non-Flammable and low fumes and Non-Carcinogenic but offers all the powerful grease cutting ability you will ever need then D-20 is for you.

D-20 is a powerful medium to quick break solvent degreaser specifically designed to deal with stubborn deposits of grease, oil and dirt.

Unlike other solvent degreasers D-20 has been designed with the safety of the user as a priority.

D-20 is non-flammable, non-hazardous and the rate at which D-20 turns to vapour is lower than competitor products. This makes D-20 much easier to work with as it releases far less fumes than conventional solvent degreasers.

D-20 is fast acting and carries the grease to the separation traps without drying out on the way. It leaves drains leading to the separation traps clean and free of grease.

D-20 allows work to continue in the workshops without everyone having to wear masks because the fumes are too intense.

D-20 is safe on all metals and will not damage paintwork when used as directed.

D-20 being non-flammable allows easy and safe storage and handling.

Although D-20 is non flammable,this should not be mistaken for weakness. D-20 is a very powerful degreaser which out-performs other flammable and potentially unsafe degreasers in the market place.

With many operators opting for safety as a key priority, D-20 offers them a safe, quality alternative at a reasonable price.

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Quick-Break Degreaser





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"Fantastic in parts washers, Safe on paintwork"



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